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The crystal-clear review & approval workbench — boosted by the latest AI/ML technologies

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Media management is a breeze
Until it's not

Clunky interfaces, confusing processes, limited sharing, and rigid content structures shouldn’t be your team’s daily battles

MediaBench makes things crystal clear

Unlimited users, file types and sizes — and no hidden costs

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Integration with MediaStore

Being a part of the MediaStore family comes with its perks

With just a few clicks, your media assets are ready for review, approval, and collaboration in MediaBench.

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Use cases

Unified project management

  • One tool, all projects

    Track changes and comments, review and give feedback, and easily locate assets – all in one place.

  • Granular access controls

    Give access to the right people when they need it. Define roles, invite collaborators, manage permissions.

  • Flexible storage templates

    Ensure efficiency by customizing your file storage structure to suit your team's specific workflow.

It’s everything you expect from a world-class review & approval platform — and so much more

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